Party Ideas and Themes

It's time to start planning a quinceañera party extravaganza.Turning 15 is one of those milestone birthdays. It's also a busy time in a teen's life. Don't leave the Quinceañera party planning to the last minute. Find Quinceañera party ideas for girls by consulting with your daughter early.

Theme parties are a blast because the entertainment is all in the theme! Think Discos, Fiestas, Casino Nights, Pirates, Gangsters, Hollywood and Murder Mystery Parties. Theyre not just for kids. Adult party theme ideas can make everyone feel young at heart as they sport a fun costume and enjoy a unique party atmosphere. No matter your party theme idea, our experts have creative ideas for your next theme party's invitations, costumes, decorations, games, menus and cocktails!

All of our packages include complete planning, set up and coordination of your event.You enjoy your event with none of the stress usually associated with planning a birthday party.

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Juicy Couture Theme

Juicy Couture Theme is a popular clothing brand that is loved by women and girls of all ages. When I think of Juicy couture, words like super cute, fun and pink come to mind! So recently, I helped plan a birthday party for a friend. My friend loves everything juicy couture, so I decided to plan a Juicy couture birthday extravaganza! Here are my tips on how you can plan an unforgettable birthday party!

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras as we know it originates in Paris, though many believe that Mardi Gras' roots predate even the French celebration. 

Traditionally, the public outdoor celebration of Mardi Gras consisted of masked revelers walking through the streets, or traveling costumed in carriages and on horseback, and of course BEADS!


You will find a variety of dishes at the prices that suit your taste and event needs.

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Alice in Wonderland

Come celebrate your special occasion in style. You will find a venue that suits your needs. There’s no end to how these event facilities can serve your needs.

We can cover the room with Disney character, colorful balloons and streamers Disney character.

Arabian Night

Arabian Nights theme parties are typically inspired by the story Arabian Nights or as it often times called "1001 Arabian Nights." Based on a group of stories that consist of fairy tales, fables, legends and parables of characters that lived in locations throughout Middle Eastern countries.

70s Disco Ball.

The 70s are all about disco. The cool image of Saturday Night Fever, will be revive in your personal celebration. Big disco club scenes from the 1970s like Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, Earth Wind and Fire, Gloria Gaynor.

The great thing about the 70s is it was full of variety throughout the decade.